The Tingler Nukkles Vibrating Head Scalp Massager

The Original Nukkles Vibrating Head Massager is a battery operated handheld device that gently simulates the nerve endings in the scalp and acupressure points to relax from head to toe. The head of the device is a sonic power handle to which you can attach the snap on head massager of the snap on pressure point massager.

The customers love the relaxing head massage such a light-weight device can offer, using it every night before bed for more restful sleep and stimulating acupressure points. It’s a pretty basic head massager that seems to be doing a good job for the size and price.

However, not all the customers are that happy with its ergonomics and convenience, stating low quality material that’s easy to break. Some find the vibrating head massager unpleasant and irritating even after trying to adjust the fingers.

Review-based rating: 3.4 Stars (3.4 / 5)
Price range: $16.99-$40.99
Portable: yes
Adjustable settings: no
Heat feature: no