NORLANYA Electric Head Massager KS-2800A Reviews

NORLANYA Electric Head Massager is a helmet type massager used for pain relief and relaxation. Comes with four programs for relaxation, including heat, music, deep massage and vibration, all four can be enabled at the same time. The helmet can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit using special adjustable knobs, and for more convenience, you have full control over it with a hand held remote controller.

According to the customers, this head massager looks nice and massages the scalp just as you’d expect. The massage is incredibly relaxing and effective, making you feel like a new person, especially if you use all the four options at once. It’s great for nervous relaxing, relief of headache and a general head massage. Many customers use it every night before going to bed to get sleepy and relaxed, as well as if there is a bad headache that needs to be taken care of. A session can last for up to 15 minutes. There is a deep massage feature (with compressed air). If the fit seems a not too tight, you can loosen it using the special knobs – the right fit can be found for any head, as you can tighten or loosen it to your personal desire of pressure.

Some customers point out that the music feature can get annoying, although soothers say they enjoy it. Some reviewers warn that if you ever owned a truly expensive and high quality massager before, this one might feel cheap and inefficient, with insufficient vibration and massage.

Review-based rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Price range: $165.00
Portable: yes
Adjustable settings: yes
Heat feature: yes