JUFIT Electric Head Eye Massager Pain Relief Relaxing

JUFIT Electric Head Eye Massager is a device for stress relief and sublime enjoyment of every bit of free time you have on your hands. It’s an adjustable helmet that can massage your head, eyes and neck, effectively helping you to relax, improving sleep disorders and treating or preventing headaches. The convenient hand-held controller allows you to change massage settings, turn the music on/off, set a timer and switch the device on/off.


  • Helps during migraine and tension headache episodes
  • Has many settings and options
  • Certain settings give you sensations similar to those during a real massage


  • The design might not be suitable for everyone – the neck massagers may not reach your neck
  • Music volume does not seem to be possible to adjust
  • The eye holes are too far apart
  • Takes time to adjust the helmet for a snug fit

Review-based rating: 3.2 Stars (3.2 / 5)
Price range: $116.99
Portable: yes
Adjustable settings: yes
Heat feature: no